Health Insurance

Protect You and Your Family

Many employers will provide you with a health insurance policy as part of your employment package. With Asia and the Middle East having some of the most expensive hospitals in the world, you may have experienced your employer cutting back on important benefits in your policy or refusing to insure your partner or children.

It is vitally important to have adequate health insurance not just for the regular check-ups and vaccinations, but to avoid crippling medical bills in the event of a serious illness or accident.

How We Can Help You

Quintessential AMG act as a broker for many of the best and most competitively priced insurers on the international market. We are able to search these on your behalf in order to find the best priced policy that includes all of the benefits you require.

Using a broker adds no extra costs compared to going direct to the insurer but gives you extra choice and an experienced advisor to assist you in navigating this over saturated market.

Many insurance providers only distribute their polices through brokers and not direct to individuals, so you are likely missing out on the best priced policies if you are not shopping around through a broker.

We have access to polices that cover pregnancies, old age, luxury hospitals and worldwide cover.

Child Only Health Insurance Policies

Do you need to insure a child without the need to have a parent on the policy as well? Most insurance companies require an adult to be on the policy when insuring a child, but we have access to a range of insurers that will allow just a single child, thus keeping your costs to a minimum.

Key Terms

  • Direct Billing

    The insurance company pays the hospital directly so you do not need to pay cash

  • Deductible

    An annual one off monetary amount you have to pay before the insurance kicks in

  • Inpatient

    Treatments where you occupy a hospital bed or you stay at least one night

  • Outpatient

    Routine treatments where a bed or overnight stay is not required

  • Maternity

    Cover for pregnancy and childbirth

  • Co-Pay

    A percentage split of the medical bill which you pay and the insurer covers the rest

  • Waiting Period

    A period of time that you must hold the policy before claiming for a specific benefit – Common in maternity benefits

  • Luxury Hospitals

    A category of medical providers that are of a particularly high cost and often segregated in an insurance policy

  • Worldwide cover

    A policy that covers you anywhere in the world, but will usually exclude the USA