Financial Planning for
International Teachers

At Quintessential AMG we have extensive experience in working with international teachers and educators. We have clients working in approximately 30 different countries and over 100 different international schools.

We are very familiar with the financial needs of those working in the international education field. It is common for the international schools to pay very well, but they tend to offer very little in the way of pensions, life insurance and long-term financial planning.

Long-term financial planning but Short-term flexible accounts

At Quintessential AMG we can offer you long-term financial planning, but with short-term flexible accounts. This flexibility is crucial when you are planning to work in multiple different countries with differing levels of salary, allowing you to adjust your retirement contributions accordingly.

All of our accounts are specifically designed to allow you to contribute and withdraw money wherever you are in the world. As you move countries and employment, your financial plan and accounts can stay in place allowing you to have the structure that is vital to hit your retirement goals.

If you are ready to start your retirement planning by simply saving some money on a monthly basis, or you have already accumulated assets and would like our help with managing them and improving performance, then we would love to hear from you.