Life Insurance

What is International Life Insurance?

International Life Insurance provides a cash lump sum upon death, usually for the purpose of protecting your loved ones and ensuring that they can maintain a similar standard of living in the event of your absence.

Life insurance is readily available in most countries, but almost all domestic life insurance policies will not cover you when living abroad, even if you keep paying the premiums.

International Life Insurance is specifically designed to cover you virtually anywhere in the world, including in your home country.

Do you need International Life Insurance?

If you have people who financially depend on you then the chances are that you need an International Life Insurance policy. If your current assets are not enough to allow your dependents to live a similar standard of life without your income, then you can remedy this by simply ensuring that a cash lump sum is received by them upon your death.

If the worst was to happen to you and your dependents may have to move country, sell the family home or move the children from their current school then an International Life Insurance policy is right for you.

If you are someone who already has accumulated significant assets and are concerned about the inheritance tax liability that your beneficiaries may face upon your death, then an International Life Insurance policy can also be of great benefit to you as a tax and estate planning tool.

Benefits of International Life Insurance

  • Cover for virtually every country in the world
  • Fixed monthly premiums from day one
  • Medical exams in the country that you live
  • Full reimbursement of medical costs
  • Cash Lump sum upon death
  • Premiums starting from just $40 per month
  • Free monthly premium collections via VISA or MasterCard
  • Excellent tax and estate planning tool