Retirement Planning

At Quintessential AMG we specialize in providing retirement planning and pension advice to the expat community around the world.

It is common knowledge that we are living longer and that is of course a positive. In most parts of the world, we are not actually working for longer, so this has created a situation where many people are spending more of their lives in retirement than they ever did in the work force.

This naturally creates a situation where a stable, long-term retirement income is absolutely essential in order to maintain a good standard of living and financial freedom for peotentially 30 to 40 years.

At Quintessential AMG we specialize in providing retirement planning and pension advice to the expat community around the world. We have low cost, flexible and tax efficient solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

Guaranteed Returns Accounts

If you are adverse to risk and are concerned about protecting the value of your investments then we have accounts offering 100% protection and a minimum guaranteed return. You can start on a monthly basis from just $200 a month or a lump sum from approximately $10,000 or currency equivalent.

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Are you just starting out?

If you are just starting out and looking to save a portion of your salary on a monthly basis then we have excellent account options available to you. One of our specialist advisors will create a long-term financial plan for you which shows what you need to create by retirement age and what you need to be doing along the way to achieve these goals.

We have flexible accounts starting from just $200 per month which allow you access to your money when needed. Although we plan for the long-term, we like to keep your accounts as flexible as possible to take into account the transient nature of being an expat.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your retirement pot. When starting the process, the most important factor is to have planning and structure in place, even if you are starting with small monthly contributions.

Do you already have existing accounts and assets?

If you already have existing accounts and assets then we can incorporate these into any retirement plans we create for you. We are able to analyze these existing accounts to see if they are still fit for purpose or whether there are better options for you elsewhere.

It is vitally important to have your retirement accounts performing as best as possible as a mere 1% per year extra growth can have a dramatic effect on your overall retirement pot.

We specialize in improving existing accounts through reducing account fees and improving investment allocation.

Are you already in retirement?

If you are already in retirement and are relying on a regular income from your assets to live on, then annual reviews of your accounts and investment allocation is prudent.

The financial industry has made significant leaps forward in recent years with many new accounts becoming available, offering 100% access to your money and with very low annual fees. We can help you restructure your retirement assets so they are better protected, tax efficient and provide you with the maximum regular income in order to have the financial freedom you desire in retirement.

We have solutions for estate planning and IHT that enable your loved ones to receive your assets with as minimal tax liability as possible upon your death.